Effective solutions for
water treatment

Sewage treatment plant

We offer a range of comprehensive purification processes which encompasses physical, chemical, and biological processes like MBBR, MBR, SBR, and FBR to purify water from different contaminants.

Effluent treatment plant

We are specialized in developing highly-efficient treatment plant processes to purify industrial wastewater and make it suitable to reuse before it gets discharged into nearby lakes, ponds, or other water bodies.

Water treatment plant

United Water Treat technologies are specialized in eliminating impurities like suspended solids and harmful chemicals from industrial wastes and households and transforming them into reusable forms within the ecological system.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

We are expertized in the reverse osmosis plant process which is to improve water by eliminating hardness, colour, odour, taste, impurities and converting it to a reusable form.

Ultra filtration

We provide exceptional ultra-filtrations, a pressure-driven filtration that purifies the water by separating large solid materials from the contaminated water using a semi-permeable membrane and makes it suitable to reuse.

Ultraviolet systems

United Water Treat technologies deliver premium UV systems to purify water by eliminating several microorganisms and bacteria that are present in water and converting the water to a usable form.

Annual maintenance contract

Our Annual Maintenance Contract provides for routine check-ups safety check-ups, regular monitoring and efficiency trails, guidance for overhauling equipment, and training of operators on the operation and maintenance of utilities.

PCB Liasoning works

United Water Treat technologies deliver highly- efficient and safety-assuring water purification methods to remove impurities and make it optimal to use.